clairette cuvee Chamberan 2008

Clairette de Die

is a natural sparkling wine made in the Drôme county of France. It is lower in alcohol than Champagne or Crémants (circa 7%). It is made from two grape varieties: White Clairette (25% max) and White Muscat with small grains. Clairette de Die is an A.O.C. since 1942 and follows the Ancestral Dioise Method (fermentation in bottle from 6 to 12 months). Drôme is a fabulous region by the Vercors mountains not far from the Rhône valley in the South East of France.


Clairette de Die Tradition AOC "Cuvée Chambéran" was selected by the respected Hachette guide of wines 2013 and given a well-deserved one star. Great finish product, well balanced, delicate aromas and bubbles. It has the unique fruity and grapey character of Clairette de Die (notes of Apricot, but I don’t want to bore you here with a full list of fruits, I much prefer to leave you to make your own opinion..!). It is best drunk young and served chilled.


It is made by l’Union des Jeunes Viticulteurs Recoltants, the third producer of Clairette de Die. It was originally created as the union of 7 wine growers in 1961.


It is quite unusual (probably why I like it!) but definitely a very pleasant and fascinating wine, lovely aperitif or to accompany a dessert (perfect with an afternoon cake?).



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Price: £10 per bottle inc VAT (excludes delivery)

Alc Vol: 7.5%